Monday, May 28, 2012

PRP Monaco.

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Grosgean crashing on the first lap meant that no time was made, so he keeps first place from Vettel but many drivers, especially Perez's flying lap, have narrowed the gap. Schumy once again retired, but managed to register a good lap time and if everything goes as expected, he should finally pass at least Petrov in Canada. On a bad note, Button, Maldonado & De la Rosa have all dropped. Jenson just didn't have the pace while the other two wiped out on the first laps.  

PQP Monaco.

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Button's poor time has dropped him two places, while Scumy's best time has caught him up with front qualifiers. Perez's accident meant that he would have no time in qually and therefor his best time in practice was used instead, as a result, he also fell two places. Hulkenberg & Massa put in good times too and are closer to the midfield. Any comments are welcomed.