Tuesday, March 23, 2010

JDF1 Qually Times Bahrain...

Red Bull: Continued where they left off... on top. Vettel has built a clear gap already but Webber should keep close.

Ferrari: Back on track. Alonso has a slight lead but Massa will give him a hard time.

Mercedes: Not a bad start. Rosberg has shown the way for Schumy, but for how long?

McLaren: A few tenths off. Hamilton welcomes Champ to his home.

Force India: The best of the rest. Advantage Sutil, again.

Renault: Quicker than most thought! Kubica shouldn't worry about rookie Petrov, yet.

Williams: Stuck for a moment. Barrichello, paired with newcomer Hulkenberg, should be able to focus on developing the car and not outpace his teammate.

Sauber: Not as quick as many thought. This battle will be close between De La Rosa & Kobayashi.

Toro Rosso: The "B team" or "C team"? Alguersuari has closed the gap to Buemi, but he's still behind.

Lotus: The top "new team". Kovalainen thought Hamilton was fast? Master qualifier Trulli has done it once more.

Virgin: Ah ah ah ah staying alive... Di Grassi might have given Glock a good fight in GP2, but this is F1 my boy! He'll need time to adapt.

Hispania: They made it, which is more than I can say for USF1. Senna practiced while Chandhok watched... 1+1 eaquals?

Malaysian GP loading screen for GP4

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Virgin: Adding km to improve

Glock did outpace Di Grassi but unfortunately neither registered a fast enough time. We should see a difference in Oz.

HRT: Should be proud they're racing.

Unfortunately Senna couldn't make it into the %107 limit while Chandhok crashed out at the start of the race. Better luck in Melbourne.

Welcome FRIENDS!

I'd like to start by saluting all the 650,000,000 fans around the world who follow Formula One. My wish is to bring us even closer to the pinnacle of motor sport.

The statistics I have calculated myself, were taken from each Grand Prix weekend and may give F1 enthusiasts and authorities a unique system to evaluate and compare F1 teams and drivers during the entire season.

Of course, many have their opinion. All I hope to do is offer an interesting perspective that may solve the dispute of
"which team or driver was quicker?"

Any comments are welcomed. Just click on the images to get a better view.

Jimmy Dreves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HRT Cosworth grid car for GP4!


JDF1 Qually Times Bahrain...

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Red Bull: It's early, the times should change!

Webber finished ahead of Vettel last year! Somehow, Vettel has built a surprising gap of 0.435" ahead of Webber. However this is the first G.P. and I'm sure it'll be much closer during the year.

Ferrari: What an amazing battle!

In spite of Massa out qualifying Alonso in Q3. Two-time world Champ put in a faster time in Q2 and has a 0.070" lead in this tight match! This one will be nice to follow over the season...

Mercedes: 7 time Champ is in for a ride!

After three years of retirement it looks like Schumy, 0.423" behind, will need some races to get up to speed with GP2 Champ Rosberg.

McLaren Mercedes: 2008 Champ better than 2009.

Hamilton has the upper hand after Bahrain. Button is trailing 0.461" trying to adapt to Hamilton's car.

Force India Mercedes: Sutil over Liuzzi.

Sutil has started the season on the right foot, putting a time 0.632" quicker than Italian teammate.

Renault: Petrov needs time.

During practice Petrov made some good lap times, but when it was time to push, Kubica showed how well this track suits him, registering a time 1.204" faster.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Williams Cosworth: Age before beauty.

No surprises here. Newbie Hulkenberg has performed well in qually and lapped 0.527" slower than Barrichello. I'm sure GP2 Champ has more to show, especially in Europe.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

GP4 Melbourne official F1 loading screen!!!

Instructions found futher below with Bahrain. Enjoy.

Sauber Ferrari: The closest fight.

Just 0.033" separate the two! Should be really interesting to see who'll be on top. Who's your money on? De la Rosa for the moment...

Toro Rosso Ferrari: Buemi faster again.

Last year late comer Alguersuari had trouble keeping pace with Buemi. What's his excuse this year? Buemi leads by 0.882".

Lotus Cosworth: Trulli about a half a second quicker.

Kovalainen will have his hands full just trying to qualify ahead of his teammate. He starts the season 0.461" behind Trulli.

Virgin Cosworth: Glock almost pulled a second away!

Dispite having been 3.5 seconds from Qually 2, Glock outpaced Di Grassi by 0.859". Di Grassi is the rookie here, so we need to give him some time to narrow the gap.

HRT Cosworth: Senna over 1.5 seconds faster!

Although, both drivers were over the %107 limit, Senna had the upper hand and lead teammate by 1.664 seconds, as Chandhook had his shakedown during qualifying !!! Hopefully in Melbourne they'll be within the limit.

Friday, March 12, 2010

GP4 Bahrain official F1 loading screen!!!

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