Monday, May 30, 2011



Click on the image for a better view...

Monaco Performance update for GP4!

Your Team Editor 3.5 should look like this...

After completing the values simply click on the "apply all changes" button in the team window above. Enjoy!

Download in .txt for gpxpatch...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally! 2011 "Real Time" Performance for GP4!

Simply enter these values (Qually/Range & Race/Range) with Team Editor 3.5 and enjoy.

Simplemente entre estos valores con Team Editor 3.5 y disfrute.

The same goes for the teams (just enter 860 for Red Bull, leave out the 33).

Los mismo va con los equipos (ponga el 860 para Red Bull sin el 33).

Qually power, Race power and reliability (100% race distance). The higher vakue below is for 33.3% distance (top value multiplied by three etc.)

Poder de clasificacion, carrera y confiabilidad (100% distancia). El valor mas alto es para distancias del 33.3% (valor original por tres etc...)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JDF1 Qually times upto Spain 2011.

No competition, Vettel hands down by 0.593 seconds from his closest rival Hamilton.

Red Bull on top but McLaren is not that far really...

Lotus has shown improvement and dominates the other new teams but has a way to go from the midfield.

JDF1 fast laps upto Spanish G.P.

Although Vettel has won 4 out of 5 races so far and leading the championship confortably, it's been Webber that has "dominated " in fast laps during a G.P.

This just proves once again that race pace is the key to win.

Petrov & Perez have shown to be quicker than their team mates for now. We'll see how this develops...

The pecking order shows Mercedes G.P. as the sixth force upto Spain, which is quite a surprise.

Williams got off the wrong foot, but should bounce back after Barrichello's second best time in Spain.