Saturday, May 30, 2009


Vettel has proven to be the fastest driver so far during qualifying, but the Brawn Mercedes has been quicker in the 3rd and final round. For a better view, click on the graph.

"CLEAN" Monaco performance for GP4

Due to the viruses found on my link, I've decided to post the values directly on my blog from now on. Just click on the image to zoom.
Once again my apologies.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, we're now in Europe and there's been little change.
From the graph you can see why there has been rumors about Piquet...
He has averaged 0.789 seconds slower per lap in qualifying than his team mate Alonso.
Surprisingly Webber is the next furthest from his partner Vettel, 0.292 seconds, due to traffic on both of his flying laps in Bahrein. If it hadn't been for that, he would actually edge out Vettel by a small margin!
Nakajima averaged 0.288 seconds slower from Rosberg and Bourdais 0.280 seconds behind Buemi.
In the battle of the "Sebastians" people are already talking about Buemi following Vettel's path.
Last year after 5 G.P.s, rookie Bourdais was 0.425 seconds away from his team mate Vettel.
He's not quite there yet.
Any comments are welcomed.
click on the graph to get a better view

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JDF1 Teams' fastest laps 09'

Here you can see quite clearly that Toyota lacks pace during the race. Why do you think that is?

JDF1 Drivers' fastest laps 09'

It's unfortunate to see Trulli at the bottom of this list... After being the slowest in Shanghai and crashing in Spain not even the fastest lap in Bahrein helps!!! I'm sure we'll see him climb up quickly, especially in Monaco where he shines.

JDF1 Teams' Qually

Hadn't Toyota been disqualified in Melbourne, they would be joining Brawn GP & Red Bull at the top. The rest are still quite close with the exception of Force India. I wonder if they really have the same engine as Brawn GP... Hmmm...

JDF1 Drivers' Qually

Toyota has started from the first row already, but the Toyota driver that has shown more speed in qualifying so far has been Rosberg. Well done Nico !!!

JDF1 Teams' Points

We're in Europe and nothing has changed, Brawn are increasing the gap with the rest. The classic top teams made some gains, but still have a lot of work to do. I'm surprised that Williams, being a diffuser team , is near the bottom of the standings. I think the "S" on their car has been ignored long enough... don't you?

JDF1 Drivers' points

With Sutil's 9th place in Melbourne, he's not only ahead of his team mate Fisichella, but also a top driver like Kubica, not to mention Piquet and Nakajima who haven't been able to finish in the top 10 yet. Adrian should score some Championships points soon... perhaps in Monaco if Raikkonen doesn't follow too closely.