Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Aguri SA09

This is a cleaner, more "2009 look" of the Super Aguri, enjoy.


Here's a table comparing the driver's, the way the F.I.A. presents them, as well as my "real time" difference. Some of the results are quite surprising!
Below there's a more explanitory outline for each team.
Any comments are welcomed.

Rosberg vs. Nakajima

I think from what we've seen during the year it's pretty obvios who's on top. Nico has beaten Kazuki 7 to 1 in qually as well as in faster laps. The German has managed to build a gap of 0.291 seconds which doesn't seem very impressive. On the other hand the spread is almost a second during the race, 0.923 second to be exact.