Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Massa vs. Raikkonen

What a pair! On one hand Felipe is winning 5 to 3 in Qually, on the other hand, due to a problem in Malaysia, Kimi has gained 0.144 seconds on the Brazilian.
If Kimi Raikkonen didn't have a hydraulic falier in Spain, he would have been ahead by more than a mere 0.056 seconds and tied at 4 races each.

Barrichello vs. Button

Although Button leads 6 to 2, believe it or not, they are the most evenly match drivers in qualifying! Only 0.003 seconds difference in 8 races! Jenson makes the spread in Q3 where his style of driving usually works better with a heavier car.
When it comes to fastest laps, Button repeats the score and has pulled a gap of 0.349 seconds to Rubens.

Heidfeld vs. Kubica

In qually, Kubica has beaten Heidfeld 6 to 2 so far, as seen during the Grand Prix.
However Nick Heidfeld has outpaced his Polish teammate by an average of 0.026 seconds, probably due to Kubica's poor performance in China, which brought down his average. It's an insignificant difference, therefore Heidfeld is still on pace with Robert Kubica.
When fastest laps are compared Nick Heidfeld seems to be building a gap (5 to 3) of 0.321 seconds to Robert, who looks like he needs a bit more time to adapt.