Friday, May 21, 2010

JDF1 Qually drivers.

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The Red Bull racers have beaten eachother 3 times, but it's Vettel who's built a 0.279" second gap average.

Although Schumacher has only beaten Rosberg once, it's interesting that he's only averaged 0.386" slower. Just a tenth more than Webber from Vettel.

Los pilotos de Red Bull se han ganado 3 veces cada uno, pero es Vettel el que ha hecho una diferencia de 0,279" segundos de promedio.

Aunque Schumacher le ha ganado a Rosberg una sola vez, es interesante que solo ha estado 0,386" mas lento de promedio. Una decima mas que Webber de Vettel.

JDF1 Qually teams.

McLaren & Ferrari are still playing catching up, while Red Bull show unbeatable speed in qualifying with 6 Poles in a row!

JDF1 Fast laps drivers. Who's faster?

For those of you who have any doubts.../Para los que tiene algunas dudas...

Webber over/sobre Vettel, Hamilton over/sobre Button, Alonso over/sobre Massa,
Rosberg over/sobre Schumacher. JDF1 stats, no opinios, just facts.

JDF1 Fast laps teams.

No surprises here, Red Bull are the team to beat in race pace, however Ferrari & McLaren are close. Sauber is the eye catcher here barely keeping ahead of the new teams.

JDF1 Points drivers.

After back to back victories, Mark Webber has put himself above the rest, including his teammate, winning one more G.P.
With this new point system many drivers are still in the race for the title. Perhaps Schumacher may have to pick up the pace if he expects to be in the fight.

JDF1 Points Constructors Championship

After two virtualy perfect races from Webber & the Red Bull team, they have finally placed themselves at the top. Kubica has also performed very well with Renault and are threatening Mercedes' 4th place in the Constructors table. Renault power seems to lead the pack at the moment...

I would like to see the black & gold Lotus Renault next year, obviously with Senna at the wheel, wouldn't you? Mike Gascoyne, hope this is heard!

GP4 performance update Monaco!

I use GP4Master to update the values. They were taken from my stats with real times from qualifying and the race!

Yo uso GP4Master para actualizar los valores. Fueron sacados de mis estadisticas con tiempos reales de la clasificacion y carrera!