Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trulli vs. Glock

Jarno Trulli, the MASTER qualifier proves it once again beating Timo 6-2 and summing up a difference of 0.214 seconds.
Racing for the Italian is different. They are tied at 4 faster laps each and Trulli's incident in China killed his average. He's is not really 0.839 seconds behind.

Sebastien vs Sebastien

Two interesting drivers! Buemi has it under control in qually for now, leading 6-2 with a slight advantage of 0.195 seconds.

Since they BOTH didn't register a lap time in Spain, Boudais is up 4-3 and jumped 0.441 seconds in front of the Swiss. Buemi had a 3 G.P. drout from Bahrein to Monaco, so he has a lot of catching up to do. We need to keep an eye on them...

Alonso vs. Piquet

Maybe it's time for Piquet to move on to a smaller team (or another category) where he's not compared to such a talented F1 Champion. Many fans know that Nelson needs time to adjust, but 2 years in F1 is about as much as you can get and I'm sure 3 time World Champion Daddy won't be able to do much more for him. Piquet hasn't managed to beat Alonso in qually yet and is trailing behind at an average of 0.790 seconds. I'm sure Biatore agrees that it's too much to stay in Renault.

Fernando Alonso has actually lapped slower in Turkey and Bahrein, making it 6-2! However his gap is unfortunately even larger, to almost a second! It's a shame to lose such an illustrious name. Let's hope he can turn it around in the coming races.

Vetel vs. Webber

If it hadn't been for Bahrein, Webber would much closer than most people think. Sure, Vettel is way ahead in qually 7-1, but the Wonder Kid has only gained 0.237 seconds.
Experience here counts. Mark may be behind 6 to 2, though he's managed a 0.197 second lead because of Sebastian crashing out early in Monaco and didn't register a decent lap time, and therefor hurt his average.

Kovalainen vs. Hamilton

This couple is tied with 4 a piece in qually, surprisingly it's Heikki who pushes ahead by 0.163 seconds! That's a bigger spread than half the grid! Lewis Hamilton has had problems in the season opener, Monaco and his home G.P. which has hurt his average quite a bit.
On the contrary, during the race Hamilton pulls a confortable gap of 0.317 seconds and leads 5-3 in fastest laps. It's fair to mention that Kovalainen did have incidents in the first two G.P.s and then a mechanical problem in Spain which helps Lewis' lead.

Fisichella vs. Sutil

An equal pair, Fisichella has a 5-3 lead in qually, but the time difference is barely in Sutil's favor by 0.086 seconds. A positive note for Adrian is that he's never been last on the grid so far.

When it comes to fast laps, Sutil ties it up 4-4 but it's Giancarlo who comes on top by 0.070 seconds. Once again, an eaqual pair.