Wednesday, April 7, 2010

JDF1 Qually Times Malaysia...

Sebastian Vettel is the Master qualifier so far building a significant gap on the rest! He's averaged 0.644 seconds faster than Webber, quite impressive. In comparisson, Schumy, who has been observed by his lack of speed, has only averaged 0.496 slower than Rosberg. Adrian Sutil has shown to be quick as well, pulling a 0.827" gap on Liuzzi. No wonder Di Resta is spinning around.

While, after their weather forecast blooper, Ferrari & McLaren are found just above the new teams. I guess nobody's perfect.

JDF1 Fastest Laps.

Webber showing once again that he's got speed, all he has to do is increase his consistancy. Vettel dwindles in the upper midfield due to his early retirement in Oz, as Schumacher in Malaysia.

They'll be moving up I'm sure...

JDF1 points.


They may not mean too much, but I still respect the results.

The F.I.A. has done the same as I to include the top 10 finishes, however it's easier to compare from last year with my system, simply because the values have basically maintained thier worth.

Compare from last year. Incredible, I forgot how bad the top teams started!

JDF1 "real time" performance Malaysia.

Well guys, my first performance figues are ready to be tested. I've tried them out a few times in different circuits and this is as close as the real thing. Be aware that the game does choose randomly but generally it represents where each driver and team should be upto the Malaysian Grand Prix. I will be updating the performance as much as possible, so stay tuned and enjoy!

A special greeting to "pimpones1", whose support I apreciate, and one of the gifted people who make GP4 the best simulation game out there.

All you need to do is copy the values in the game using GP4 Master or similar.