Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Virgin: Adding km to improve

Glock did outpace Di Grassi but unfortunately neither registered a fast enough time. We should see a difference in Oz.

HRT: Should be proud they're racing.

Unfortunately Senna couldn't make it into the %107 limit while Chandhok crashed out at the start of the race. Better luck in Melbourne.

Welcome FRIENDS!

I'd like to start by saluting all the 650,000,000 fans around the world who follow Formula One. My wish is to bring us even closer to the pinnacle of motor sport.

The statistics I have calculated myself, were taken from each Grand Prix weekend and may give F1 enthusiasts and authorities a unique system to evaluate and compare F1 teams and drivers during the entire season.

Of course, many have their opinion. All I hope to do is offer an interesting perspective that may solve the dispute of
"which team or driver was quicker?"

Any comments are welcomed. Just click on the images to get a better view.

Jimmy Dreves.