Tuesday, March 23, 2010

JDF1 Qually Times Bahrain...

Red Bull: Continued where they left off... on top. Vettel has built a clear gap already but Webber should keep close.

Ferrari: Back on track. Alonso has a slight lead but Massa will give him a hard time.

Mercedes: Not a bad start. Rosberg has shown the way for Schumy, but for how long?

McLaren: A few tenths off. Hamilton welcomes Champ to his home.

Force India: The best of the rest. Advantage Sutil, again.

Renault: Quicker than most thought! Kubica shouldn't worry about rookie Petrov, yet.

Williams: Stuck for a moment. Barrichello, paired with newcomer Hulkenberg, should be able to focus on developing the car and not outpace his teammate.

Sauber: Not as quick as many thought. This battle will be close between De La Rosa & Kobayashi.

Toro Rosso: The "B team" or "C team"? Alguersuari has closed the gap to Buemi, but he's still behind.

Lotus: The top "new team". Kovalainen thought Hamilton was fast? Master qualifier Trulli has done it once more.

Virgin: Ah ah ah ah staying alive... Di Grassi might have given Glock a good fight in GP2, but this is F1 my boy! He'll need time to adapt.

Hispania: They made it, which is more than I can say for USF1. Senna practiced while Chandhok watched... 1+1 eaquals?

Malaysian GP loading screen for GP4

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