Thursday, April 22, 2010

JDF1 Drivers' laps Shanghai.

Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok are finally in the picture, as Webber leads the pack.

JDF1 Teams' Laps Shanghai.

McLaren moves to the top when it comes to fast laps, I guess this is why the Team's F-Duct is what everybody is talking about. I'm glad to see that Hispania made it within the 107% limit and has actually PASSED Virgin! It's nice to see that all the new teams are closing the gap...

GP4 Drivers' Performance update Shanghai

Real time performance taken directly from my stats, based on the four races so far.

Click on the image and copy the values in GP4.

Teams' Performance Shanghai for GP4

Simply copy the values with GP4 Master or similar, enjoy!

JDF1 points drivers.

Button wins again and claims the lead, meanwhile it's Rosberg that really surprises with his consistancy, running second with a car that still needs to improve it's pace. Well done Nico!

JDF1 points teams.

McLaren has their second win and their first one-two of the season! It's the third team that does this in four races! Nice start to the season...