Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alonso vs. Piquet

Maybe it's time for Piquet to move on to a smaller team (or another category) where he's not compared to such a talented F1 Champion. Many fans know that Nelson needs time to adjust, but 2 years in F1 is about as much as you can get and I'm sure 3 time World Champion Daddy won't be able to do much more for him. Piquet hasn't managed to beat Alonso in qually yet and is trailing behind at an average of 0.790 seconds. I'm sure Biatore agrees that it's too much to stay in Renault.

Fernando Alonso has actually lapped slower in Turkey and Bahrein, making it 6-2! However his gap is unfortunately even larger, to almost a second! It's a shame to lose such an illustrious name. Let's hope he can turn it around in the coming races.

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