Monday, May 28, 2012

PRP Monaco.

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Grosgean crashing on the first lap meant that no time was made, so he keeps first place from Vettel but many drivers, especially Perez's flying lap, have narrowed the gap. Schumy once again retired, but managed to register a good lap time and if everything goes as expected, he should finally pass at least Petrov in Canada. On a bad note, Button, Maldonado & De la Rosa have all dropped. Jenson just didn't have the pace while the other two wiped out on the first laps.  


  1. The qualifying file is fine but I wonder if there is a slight problem with the way the race performance system works. I can give a few examples of where I see problems:

    Say Rosburg qualifies 2nd but because his race performance is only rated as the 11th best if you do a full race in gp4 he might not even finish in the points often enough to accurately put his true position in the championship. In real life he is 5th and close to Hamilton in the points.

    Maybe Alonso as well: 8th best in qualifying but only 8th best race performance. Alonso is currently leading the championship with 76 points, but under this system how will he pick up the points to accurately define his true position?

    Verne is a bit odd as well with him having the 5th best race performance but in real life he only has 4 points.

    With this system I can quite easily see Grosjean who will usually start 4th but because he's the quickest will be the leading racer in gp4 and have the most points.

    I havent tested this so I could be completely wrong but this is my first impression.

    1. That's why Geoff added the varience or range to each driver's performance. The better the finish the higher the value, therefor winning drivers like Rosberg & Alonso will be up there, Grosjean needs some luck, but Schumacher doesn't have a chance, yet. I'll post Monaco's update soon.

  2. Thanks its me again, I hope what I said didnt sound too harsh. I just read it back now and it looked like a big list of complaints - oops about that!

    Could you tell me how exactly does this variance or range work? Say for example if Button has a value of 16,000 for race performance and a range of 1000 does that mean with each race he will start with a random range of + or -1000 to that? So he could start a race with a minimum of 15,000 or as high as 17,000? does the value change each lap or randomly chosen before each race?

    Keep up the good work, look forward to the next update!

    1. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how the variance works, je je...

      Ther are many different opinios out there but, If I remember correctly, the original peformance had high values for those finishing at the top consistantly, like Schumy & Hakkinen in 2001, and low values for those who were always near the bottom, like Alonso's 1st year in Monardi.

      The values in between are the trickiest because you must decide whether to increase the rate and get better results but lower consistancy, or a lower rate but usually more consistant.

      I take the grid positions and final race results and distribute them equally. The better the result the higher the range value.