Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JDF1 Drivers' qually times

Many have their opinion on who is the best…

My stats display clearly who has performed better.

We all know that Jenson Button has become the 09’ World Champion and Sebastian Vettel has won the DHL fastest lap award! There’s no doubt they deserve this recognition and I personally congratulate them for their teamwork. Job very well done guys !!!

However, if you consider qualifying times, Vettel wasn’t actually the fastest driver. I believe that a racer’s speed should be evaluated constantly in every race, not only where they shined. This is just like the championship where points are rewarded in every race.

As you can see by clicking on the spreadsheet, that Rubens Barrichello has performed better in qualifying than anyone else!

This is the second time he has done this! In 2003 he out-qualified none other than Michael Schumacher!

I'm not saying that Rubens deserves the Championship or the DHL Award more than Button or Vettel. You need more than speed for that.

However if I were you, I'd listen to a very wise man in F1...

Sir Frank Williams...

Most, if not all, people do...

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