Saturday, October 24, 2009

JDF1 2010 Teams & Drivers

After reading many F1 fans' predictions, I believe that this has the most probable outcome at this moment. I'll update it when there's been a confirmation. Any feedback is welcomed.

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  1. Hi Jim! I think your grid might just turn out to be the most accurate of all. But still I'm not convinced of Raikkonen's move to McLaren. He's asking too much. McLaren have made it very clear that they are not intrested in a bidding war. And Autosport just put out an interview of Hamilton, where he says that he wasn't his team-mate to be a team player. Now what do we conclude from that? Is hammi unconfortable of having Kimi as his team-mate? I'd say yes! I think McLaren will stick on with King Kovi, or at least Hamilton will persuade them to do so.